'Bionic Commando' Gets PhysX Support

Worthplaying Reports:

"Capcom is extremely excited to work with GRIN to bring the world-class franchise of Bionic Commando into the 21st century," said Ben Judd, producer of Bionic Commando at Capcom. "Capcom has also always been strong partners with NVIDIA and with Bionic Commando we are taking things to a new level by adding GPU-accelerated PhysX to increase the title's realism."

"Physics is changing the industry. We evaluated all of the commercial physics systems out there for gaming, and the choice was easy," said Bo Andersson, CEO at GRIN Entertainment. "NVIDIA PhysX runs faster than other solutions and it works across PCs and consoles, which is important to us because Bionic Commando will ship on all major platforms. We believe PhysX will help make the game seem even more lifelike and immersive."

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Rock Bottom3781d ago

From the article "Bionic Commando will ship on all major platforms"
Haha, guess Capcome doesn't consider the Wii a "major platform". :P