Star Citizen takes flight with Mark Hamill in new Squadron 42 teaser

Following up on their casting reveals from a couple of weeks ago, the folks at Cloud Imperium Games have released a new trailer spotlighting Hamill's character in the upcoming Squadron 42, the single-player campaign for Star Citizen.

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Shinuz1120d ago

Wow just Wow! Can't wait for this.

retrogamer091120d ago

This is probably one of the biggest and best looking PC games I've ever seen. I really hope they find a way to port this to consoles. I'd give them some cash through kickstarter to get this on my xbox one or PS4.

Fishy Fingers1120d ago

Devs have said there's potential to bring it to consoles. But frankly they shouldn't need anymore money, they generated enough and the PC sales (if it does release) should bankroll and console ports.

Shinuz1118d ago

Oh come on you know its gonna release and be amazing.

sorane1120d ago

Wow by far the best graphics I've ever seen in a game. That character model is simply unmatched tech wise. Really can't wait for this game.

R6ex1120d ago

Looks gorgeous!

... only when not being held back by consoles.