What Does Linkle Mean For The Future Of The Zelda Series?

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about this petite sweetheart. She was announced as a fully playable character in the new 3DS Hyrule Warriors port just a week ago, and it seems like the Zelda fandom is going nuts online about the addition.

There is one more big question that won’t leave me alone after seeing Linkle’s announcement. What does Linkle mean for the future of the Zelda series?

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FallenAngel19841122d ago

I don't see Legend of Zelda becoming like Mass Effect. I'm certain that all future LoZ games will only feature Link as the main character, and Linkle looks to be a one off character

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1121d ago

"I don't see Legend of Zelda becoming like Mass Effect"

What exactly do you mean by that?.

PhoenixUp1121d ago

@ TheOne

In Mass Effect, you are allowed to choose between a male or female Commander Shepard at the beginning of each game.

What Fallen is saying is that this option won't likely appear in future Legend of Zelda games.

jsslifelike1121d ago

I just don't understand why we can't get a mainline entry that lets the player experience story segments from each side. Who wouldn't want to play a Zelda in the years of planning and waiting for Link to travel through time? Or Ganondorf's time in the midst of the rest of the Gerudo? What about playing as Shiek bailing out Link in a dungeon in a real-time narrative crossover?

If gender-equality is going to be a hot-button issue in gaming, it needs to be handled with respect to the narrative, not shoehorned in for appeasement.

3-4-51121d ago

Linkel Won't EVER replace Link. They aren't would alienate their fan base.

Linkel will get her own side game.

You don't replace Mario with Luigi....You give Luigi his own side game.

You don't replace Mario with give Wario his own side game.

Get it ?

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-Foxtrot1122d ago least I hope not

Like I've said a a number of times it would contradict it's self with the lore established.

Hylia's chosen hero was male, when she wanted to become human through reincarnation she wanted her best friend by her side which was her chosen hero. When they were both reincarnated Hylia became Zelda and her chosen hero became Link

The chosen hero (the original) was male and the reincarnated version was male

Then at the end of Skyward Sword Demise cursed Link and Zelda (the spirit of the hero and blood of the goddess) into an endless cycle of his hatred.

In the end if Link was to be reincarnated each time to face Demises endless cycle then he would be male and to back that up the person Link was reincarnated from was also a male.

Godmars2901121d ago

That does leave room deviation like general gender switches. Though I expect SJW will complain if Zelda is made male.

Yeah, I don't follow much less "obey" the series's deeper lore and as such wouldn't mind some narrative liberties like Zelda in the role of hero or things taking place in a sci-fi setting, but at the same time not just for the sake of change.

If someone has a good idea the should just go for it.

-Foxtrot1121d ago

But the problem is some of that lore was brought in with their last main Zelda game so it would be pointless to go against something they've just established in Skyward Sword

If it's a non cannon spin off fair enough, but as a main game hopefully not

Hopefully if they do these alternative changes or settings like the Sci if one then they can establish them as Elseworld stories DC have. Would be nice if they did this with a second studio to make them in between the main games the main studio makes

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Pookandpie1121d ago

I concur with almost everything you've said; it's very rare to find someone with an opinion on the Zelda franchise who actually knows a damn about the Zelda franchise.

I don't exactly think I would care if Link in an iteration of the games could be female, but I'm glad that someone out there knows why Zelda (which is what I hear most of the time) can't use the Master Sword and defeat Ganon, herself.

Bravo, chap.

contradictory1121d ago

who the hell plays LoZ for the lore?
the storylines in LoZ usually aren't that complicated, it's a elf kid saving the princess from a evil beast..
add details and you're done... lol

and don't even get me started on ""continuity"&q uot; because there's 0 point in having continuity in this series considering it's always jumping like 1000 years here or there and forgetting everything that happened in the other games besides dramatic

"long long time ago, Hyrule was doing gud, then evil Ganondoofus appeared and stole da princess!! oh noes! luckily fairy kid came from de forest and pulled out master sword and wrecked Ganon and saved da princess and everyone lived happily ever after...durrr.. until some years when this all repeats, have fun. "

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vanity291121d ago

She's not really canon though. neither is hyrule warriors so nothing

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