Sony San Diego Running Social Experiment With Kill Strain Access Codes, Only North America For Now

There's something strange afoot over on Reddit: Sony San Diego are running something of a social experiment with gamers. Weird, yeah? The "experiment" is pretty simple in its concept: Sony San Diego has listed 1000 private access codes for the PS4 game Kill Strain. Redditors are free to take whichever code they wish. The catch is that you have to leave your username next to the code so that others know not to waste their time by trying to enter that code. Simples.

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trywizardo1092d ago

there are some codes available , a troll have commented on all the codes , but i gone an available one ...
anyhow , this game is SHIT (or just not my type)

ZaWarudo1092d ago

I got the code for 56 but i have no idea how to post on that sheet.