Watch a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Repaint Turn Plastic into Realistic Wasteland Metal

Bill Doran from Prop: Shop thinks the Fallout 4 official Pip-Boy’s shiny plastic exterior doesn’t exactly match the grungy Wasteland vibe of the game. Nothing some paint, sandpaper, and imitation dirt couldn’t fix.

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-Foxtrot1097d ago

I wonder why they never just did this with the actual pipboys

I would have happily paid a little more to get it looking like this and maybe even include a small screen which runs the pipboy you don't need to use a mobile

UKmilitia1096d ago

looks exactly like i pictured it should .
when u find it in the game is how they should of made it imo.
horrible how clean it looks.

i cant believe they didnt ask people how they would prefer the condition to be.

Eidolon1096d ago

It probably wouldn't have cost them much more and they would have gotten a lot more sales, I would have probably bought it.

Nivekki1096d ago

'I wonder why they never just did this with the actual pipboys '

Because it would take them ages to do, if you watch the video he spent hours doing it. That would jack the prices of manufacture right up.

Come on guys, lets think a little here in a business sense.