Gameboyz Review: NCAA Football 2009

GB reports:

''Overall, the visuals in NCAA Football 09 are stunning and are once again a strong point for the franchise. The developers did a wonderful job at re-creating that magical college football atmosphere that even fringe NCAA football fans, like me, can appreciate. Being Canadian, I don't get to see too many college football games. In fact, the first game I ever attended was last years Washington Huskies vs. the Ohio State Buckeyes game at Husky Stadium. So when I started playing my season I found it a treat to play the game in some of the historical college stadiums featured in game which were well represented in all their glory. From the improved animations to the more realistic looking stadiums, you can't help but become immersed in the game and truly be impressed the games graphics.

The most noticeable addition this year are the new player animations. Everything is so much more realistic. The way players get hit, run, tackle and catch the ball, you just never know what you are going to see from one play to the next. It makes the game less predictable and more enjoyable in the end. I really noticed the difference with the running backs that appear to move more fluidly this year. Their jukes, stiff-arms, spins, and so much more are rendered to perfection. You will notice a lot of detail in this year's version of NCAA Football. I liked how the defensive and offensive lineman pointed at each other and would make a scene during an offside call. Even when the opposite team scores a touchdown, your players are quick to look down in disgust or look up in disbelief.''

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