Skip Battlefront, Get Your Star Wars Fix From These Games Instead writes:

''After years of wanting and waiting for a new Battlefront, Dice’s effort has turned out to be a false prophet. It may look and sound the part, but the sheer lack of content and intense focus on selling Season Passes has resulted in a hugely disappointing, and frustrating, experience. Thankfully there’s plenty of Star Wars titles there to supply that nostalgic fix, without the £49.99 asking price.''

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Benoski1125d ago

I think I might replay Republic Commando in December.

Truly is a fantastic game that's never going to get a sequel. Curse you, LucasArts/Disney!

PixelGateUk1125d ago

Shame the story ended on a cliff hanger, still shocked they didn't resurrect the franchise for the modern market

1125d ago
medman1124d ago

People who are into Star Wars are not going to skip Battlefront, no matter how horrific EA's dlc plans for the title are. People feel like they have to play it, and are willing to pay ridiculous prices to do so because it looks and feels authentic to Star Wars. I think it's one of the few games (Destiny being the other) where either the game or the developer has such good will due to track record that many gamers will shell out the money no matter what.

I didn't buy Battlefront, primarily because I'm a single player gamers first and foremost, but I get the appeal. It looks incredible, and even though I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan out there (I like the series, but I'm not over the top about it) I considered buying the game even though it's not my preferred type of play style.

NovaCorps1124d ago

why should i skip battlefront ?
the game is good