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Robert writes:

"A board game done the wrong way just drags a party into the ground. Case in point – stuff like Pac-Man Party, Sonic Shuffle and other games that just lack the inspiration to keep players interested. Sadly, this appears to be the case with Nintendo's Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, a game dependent on scanning items in order to get the most out of it. Otherwise, it's pretty much just a bland take on Mario Party – and one fans may even want to bow out of."

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DualWielding1117d ago

Devil's third, Mario Tennis and this, that's 3 shitty games in a row that Nintendo has published

superchiller1117d ago

Yep. Games are being rushed out without enough development time, ending up mediocre and lacking in content. This Animal Crossing game is just a cheap cash grab, trying to boost sales of the amiibo gimmicks. Pretty sad.

H2OAcidic1117d ago

Yeah, a lot of my friends grabbed it just for the Amiibo and returned game.