Power A Fusion Pro Review - Premium Product, Budget Price

COG writes: While not as luxurious as the ultra premium Xbox Elite controller, the Power A Fusion Pro is second to none in bang for the buck.

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Digital_Anomaly1117d ago

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Elite but this seems like an ok second best!

GrapesOfRaf1117d ago

Good to hear that the thumbsticks are an upgrade. Can't believe this is only $80 too.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1117d ago

Power A actually makes some good stuff. Good to see this seems to fall under that category too.

Pwnag3Inc1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I submitted a lost password claim just to log in and say F**k Power A!
I still have 2 Fus1on controllers (1 for 360 and 1 for ps3) that developed drifting after a handful of uses.
Those cost me $211.00, and i swore that i would never let it go.
Not to mention the ps3 pro mini that also stopped working completely after 4 months.
This company is garbage. Stay Away.

Paulhammer1116d ago

Sorry you had that experience. I've been using the Fusion Pro for over a month, heavily, and it has had no issues as of yet.

FlexLuger1117d ago

Looks nice. But Ill take an elite instead.