If DICE needs to fix one thing in Star Wars Battlefront, it's this

DICE says it fixed this problem since the beta, but it's actually gotten worse.

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wakeNbake968d ago

The game definitely needs weapon balancing.

divinealpha968d ago

The weapons are fine of what little they have each weapon excelss in a certain category.

affrogamer968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

they need to fix the DLC price!

Brettman2008968d ago

Yep, obscenely expensive. I will get it when it is much cheaper.

Toxic-zombie968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

Yep, In Australia full game can be found for $63. Season pass is $75.
DLC costs $12 more than the game.

Kingdomcome247968d ago

That's nuts. The season pass for this and COD is $56 on Xbox One here in America, because there is now tax on Microsoft dlc, and not Sony.

TorpeAlex968d ago

This game more than any other in recent memory is one to wait for the 'game of the year edition' to purchase.

DJ968d ago

That happened to me a lot. I'll spot a Spawn point where 5 or 6 players will show up on after the other. Lot of easy XP.

Glad it was a rental. The game needs 12 Supremacy levels, not 4. I'll wait for the Game of the Year edition.

kratoz1209968d ago

Off-line bots would be cool.

Nodoze968d ago

At least you can connect. I continually receive 'You have been disconnected from the PS network' when I try enter almost every single match.

I have been able to connect to the droid run matches, but not a single time to Walker, or other match types.

It is beyond frustrating.

boing1968d ago

Do you have console's IP in DMZ of your router?

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