Gameboyz Review: Big Beach Sports

GB reports:

''As with a lot of games on the Wii, Big Beach Sports is a bright and cheerful game. And this is a good thing as it helps reinforce that it is a supposed to take place on a tropical beach where the colors are usually quite vibrant. I like the fact that the colors manage to punch off the screen as it gives it a little more liveliness to the on-screen action. I guess if there is any down point to the visuals in the game it is the fact that they are somewhat simple and the environments are not that lively. That being said though, the game does get the job done as there are lots of trees, sand and even some dancing fans adorned in what seems to be tropical masks. I guess what people need to know is that this game is not a visual powerhouse, yet I have definitely seen worse looking games, even on the Wii.''

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