Gaming's Biggest Disappointments: Part 1

Gamingverdict takes a look at some of the biggest disappointments the world of gaming has thrown at us, be it poor sequels, overhyped new franchises, or just moments of innocence lost...

From GV: "From awful games in the 8-bit era, to wonderful failures from the very present, I'll be looking back with weepy eyes at the failures we've had to endure."

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ape0073780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

for me ,no fanboyism intended

was lair

cause rough squadron on n64 and gamecube rocked my world

and with ps3's nextgen graphics,I was dying just to touch the game


it was crap

haze was decent but nothing special

halo 3 was decent but was hyped to death

Montrealien3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I`m guessing you have not been gaming to long jamie ;P

To me it will always be the lack of cartoons in Dig Dug on my Vic 20 box, the box art was soo missleading for a 6 year old! And I remember the rise of the robots hype. You think target renders are bad now a days? Those 3d renders looked so sic, lol Too bad or consoles could not do that kind of stuff in reall time for at least another 8-10 years.

And lair rocks! lol

ape0073780d ago

gaming biggest disappointment


Pain3780d ago

came in to the industry buying/bulling and RROD.

Viktor E3779d ago

A Flop should always be acknowledged for the Failure it brings to the Video game industry

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Zerodin3780d ago

Oh GOD, now there was a TURD!
Two was not AS bad, but it was still terrible.
It's the kind of game that belongs on the PS3.

NewSchoolGamer3780d ago

Lair was going to be the first GOOD game on the Ps3 after a drought of video games in the summer not only for the Ps3 but for the xbox360 aswell.

I bet some reviewers took off points from the game just because they expected more.

el_bandito3780d ago

Hey guy on top of Jamie did you actually read the article? Its just not about games; Its all about gaming in many aspects. Anyway, I totally agree about "Finding Out You’re Not The Best Gamer In The World". LOL @ "Suddenly, all those dreams of being the king of gaming are dashed by every other breathing organism hooked up to Broadband." I don't bother anymore to check how my COD4 rank stack up against others online. Gawd, its an eyesore.

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The story is too old to be commented.