Sub-5.0 Scores for Mario Tennis Unwarranted

"I've been playing Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for a good while now, and frankly, it is not the greatest game. However, I have been reading reviews of others, and while I agree with almost 100% of what they are saying, I'm shocked by the scores I've been seeing. Most notably for me was the 3.5 the game scored from Nintendo World Report. Now, to be fair, I agree with everything the author said in his article, and in fact, have a lot of respect for the author himself. In my own experiences with the game, however, I've come to realize that Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is the perfect example of how there is a HUGE disconnect between reviewers and consumers."

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DonBugen1094d ago

I've played and loved some games that I found out later weren't reviewed especially well, and also hated some games that were reviewed well. One of the most important things I've learned is that a review is just a number - just a number! - and it's far more important if the subject matter and gameplay appeal to you or not. That's why I've been so pleased that game demos have become as common as they are - being able to play a chunk of a game has turned me on and off to games in a way that a review never could.

AdamRoffel1094d ago

I agree with you 100%, and in the article I paint myself with the same brush that I'm using to criticize others. I've done this in the past, and its taken me to review, and read reviews, of Mario Tennis to realize how out of touch I am with Nintendo consumers. Fortunately, when Nintendo review codes come in, I can have my son play them as well to get a different perspective!

DonBugen1094d ago

Totally. Getting another's perspective is really important in these cases. This is one of the things that I dislike about our Metacritic world and their conglomerate review - people forget when GamesReviews, IGN, GamesRadar, and the local Sunday paper review something as a 7, 6, 9, and 7, that the game is NOT "a 7.25." It has its own merits and flaws. To one guy, it wasn't worth purchasing, and to another it was one of the best of the year.

That sounds like a really cool program you have going for the middle school kids by the way - what an awesome way to encourage kids to think critically and improve on their writing!

The best reviews are those which don't just give you a number - they tell you the strengths and weaknesses, and how much that affected the game. Then -you- can decide how much that matters to you.

3-4-51094d ago

I enjoyed reading this and do agree.

Reviewers have a certain Arrogance to them.

They think their opinion = fact, and they are often Drama Queens when they don't need to be.

Players/gamers usually try to enjoy or see the good in a game and find new ways to have fun within what is given to us, while reviewers and critics often rush through the game as fast as possible to get the review out or move onto a game they'd rather be playing.

* I really enjoyed playing a ton of games on NES/Sega Genesis/N64 that were probably only 6/10 games but me and my friends and brothers still really enjoyed.

In the 90's when a game only had so much content, you didn't complain about it, you just invented new "rules" within the game to make your own fun.

Savsky1093d ago

Regardless of reviews, this game is actually not very good. Nintendo could have used the time and resources of this game to make something better.

Nodoze1093d ago

I have to say that Nintendo is getting worse. Amiibo Party (or whatever the hell it called), this game. etc

If they want to be a toy company, so be it, but they have lost focus on what they are known for (GOOD SOFTWARE).

wonderfulmonkeyman1093d ago

Ultra Smash is the Mario Tennis that most fans who wanted a new Mario Tennis have been asking for.

But I think that the number of people who wanted a new Mario Tennis was not that big to begin with.

A lot of the reviews are probably coming from people that didn't really want a new one in the first place.

It would explain a lot, since the game is actually pretty solid even if it doesn't do a ton of things differently.

Spotie1093d ago

It doesn't follow that people who weren't particularly looking toward a new game in a franchise would thus score it lower.

wonderfulmonkeyman1093d ago

A lot of things in reviewers these days "don't follow", when it comes to what's sensible.
Whether we like it or not, it's a possibility we cannot logically dismiss.

Review systems have been screwed up for a very long time.