The Gamer Headlines Show Ep. 56: Naughty Dog’s Next Game and Film Follow-Ups

Welcome to The Gamer Headlines Show, a weekly podcast discussing video games, movies, comics, TV, and any other topic deemed geeky enough to be covered.

Hosted by Adnan Riaz and Christopher Cortes, this week’s episode has our hosts discussing possible ideas for Naughty Dog’s next game, film follow-ups that had long development times, and more.

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JKSimmons1096d ago

I still wish we would have gotten Uncharted Karting as the fourth PS3 game that Naughty Dog made. I'd just love to see Nate try and fit in a small kart.

joshmille991096d ago

PlayStation All Stars: Battle Karts

joshmille991096d ago

I really hope the next Naughty Dog game is a new franchise. But I think The Last of Us 2 is pretty much a guarantee.

Im curious if their team is still split into 2. If so, I wonder who is writing the next game since Druckman/Straley is focusing on Uncharted 4 at the moment.

_-EDMIX-_1096d ago

That is more so likely based on the success of that title. I don't think any game is guaranteed to be a franchise really unless the sales back up the titles existence.

But I expect it to be made in mind with many titles. They could have another person focusing on the game, if anything the writer for Uncharted 4 might have already started it since a year ago. You must factor that the game's story is a set thing. It might have been written years ago as the concept phase in a game happens during the first year or so of development. We don't really know when they could have started writing their next game.

1096d ago