Is Steam Greenlight Turning Into The Youtuber Bait Junkyard? writes:

''On restless nights I often find myself browsing various stores, a little bit of late night retail therapy, until recently that is. Steam Greenlight has became my midnight retreat, the little curious corner of video games where indie developers set up their stalls, hoping to be the next big thing. The concept of Greenlight is for the cream to rise to the top, with the best titles getting all the attention, but this is not the case.''

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to much garbage on greenlight.

s45gr321094d ago

Look at greenlight from say Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo perspective. Meaning that console corporations wade through hundreds upon hundreds of game submissions from every single game developer/publisher. The games that are guarantee to sell consoles, goes with the corporations' philosophy or is a major franchise ends up on console. So is up to the community to be the gatekeepers of Steam. Yes there's lots of trash games but inside the trash there's plenty of hidden gems. I wish the percentage bar (the one that showed how many votes the game needed to make it to steam) was back

Roccetarius1094d ago

Honestly, the correct word for Greenlight is Junkyard. The good to bad ratio of games is awful, and so it seems to never change.