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GortJester1095d ago

Physically for 50 and digitally for 30? Am I reading this right?

eddieistheillest1095d ago

I think its $50 for ps4 and $30 for vita . I can be wrong but when I click on the link to pre-order the only $30 game I see is for the vita.

sashimi1095d ago

Earth Defense Force 2 is $30 vita only
Earth Defense Force 4.1 is $50 ps4 only

Skate-AK1095d ago

So much fun. I bought EDF 2017 for Vita, have played it for close to 80 hours and haven't even touched the Pale Wing character.

WeAreLegion1094d ago

Oh, dude. I played it for weeks after release. I have yet to beat the game though. I got stuck on a mission. :(

bneals1095d ago

Have to say that I am disappointed that this title isn't being released for the X1. Love the EDF on the 360.

isarai1095d ago

My body is SO ready for 4.1