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In which PC Invasion's Peter Parrish critiques how Telltale told their tale in this game of Game of Thrones.

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Bahamut1096d ago

That's really a bit harsh. 7/10 at least.

linkenski1096d ago

If the reviewer argues it's not entertaining or worthwhile a 4/10 sounds alright. We have to get out of this idea that everything below a 9 is not good.

Bahamut1096d ago

I said 7 tho? I've played it, I know a 4, and I know a 7. 4 is too low and obviously a troll review on his part.

Takwin1096d ago

The game is a bit stale, but that is more on the Telltale formula and not this specific game.

It was a decently fun romp and for half price, it's totally worth the ride!

7/10 and a definite buy and play on sale.

Bahamut1096d ago

Agreed. Decent game, good story, just nothing mind-blowing.

BenRage31095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

4/10 means you have zero credibility not just as a journalist. but as a human being. Don't let children like this intimidate you into speaking your opinion. I enjoyed this series better than borderlands, because it had a better story and far more interesting characters. And I know a lot of you did too. I want to make something clear, I am not bashing Tales from Borderlands.

While I do not want to make my comment solely about comparing the two, it needs to be said that the production values are lacking in comparison to Borderlands, and since lots of people cannot see anything beyond the skin deep, they will inevitably find the "prettier" game the better one.

But by and large Tales from Borderlands had a second rate Saturday morning cartoon storyline, with immature half-baked comedy, in the shallow world of Pandora--and people rate it higher because the maturity level of the average gamer doesn't exist. Despite all of that the Borderlands series was fun. I like the borderlands games, but not for the story--for the FPS rpg elements, multiplayer, loot and the engrossing environments--the telltale series was fun, but kind of pointless. The Game of Thrones telltale series was different.

The Game of Thrones Telltale series was an awesome experience. Amazing characters set in the awesome world of Westeros--there were some seriously difficult decisions to make, and feeling like you are making the political decisions the characters of the show make was as engaging as it was challenging. My girlfriend watched me play every single episode and was as engrossed as I was, which was a first for her. She couldn't watch me play Borderlands (and believe me I tried to get her to) for five minutes. Of course maybe this is just a generational thing, we are both in our thirties.

Takwin1095d ago

4/10 to mean means a game that almost no one will like, even HUGE fans of the genre. 7 or 8 out of 10 means fans of the genre, company, or content will most likely enjoy it even if it isn't the best game ever. 9 and up means it is a gem and you would be hard pressed not to enjoy it if you enjoy video games at all.

I would put the Borderlands a half point below this at maybe a 6.5, or maybe I rated Thrones a bit too low and it should've been 7.5.

That said, both were fun enough experiences that I don't regret buying them or playing them, and I finished them - which is the trifecta of a happy gaming customer. I did get both on sale for at least 50% off, but that is just normal PC gaming price waiting and common sense.