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"Yea, you're probably all over Fallout 4's nuts right now. That's kind of a shame, because you might just be missing out on one of Lara's best outings! I'll tell you now: I'm glad I didn't skip this one!"

Jason from PlayerEssence reviews!



I received a sad warning about the original article's title by someone who did not actually watch the review and recognize that statement was clearly made in the review's conclusion. It was also made without any real bias or animosity towards the Uncharted franchise.

This update is to note the altered title so that the comments made don't seem so entirely confusing.

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Satyre281118d ago

This game is so damn good. I thought Fallout would be the game keeping all my time but i cant seem to put down ROTR, its just excellent. Beautiful graphics, amazing combat, the tombs now are banging, its just such a good game. Glad to see its been getting 9-10s acros the board, my GOTY hands down.

bleedsoe9mm1118d ago

i'm the same way the original was great and this sequel is even better .

kraenk121118d ago

If only story and characters could keep up..The gameplay is amazing.

starchild1118d ago

It seems like a fantastic game and it looks incredibly good. I can't wait to play it.

Immorals1118d ago

Damn you wallet, can't buy games with moths!

bubblepopper1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Great game, but this is such a clickbait troll title, lol. Let's see if you're still saying this after Uncharted 4 is released. It's easy to one-up a 4 year old title on an older system.

tuglu_pati1118d ago

I agree why mention UC in the title.

brads41118d ago

If it's so easy, why is this the first game to do it? His comment is valid.

marioJP871118d ago

No need to be butt hurt. Not everyone is in love with Uncharted or likes it better than Tomb Raider. You dont even know if he'll enjoy Uncharted 4 when it comes out.

ScaReCrow901118d ago

Dont be so upset. A good number of people have said they enjoy Tomb raider even the first one more then the uncharted.

His review is valid. Silly sony fanboys getting so butthurt.

miyamoto1118d ago

I know Player Essence is a pro-Nintendo anti-PlayStation site
so this click bait title is no surprise.
So no click for them.

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Rookie_Monster1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Great scores (these 9s and 9.5 for this game is so abundant for this game and well deserved) and hope Uncharted gameplay is a bit like this latest version of Tomb Taider. My peronal GOTY for 2015. CRYSTAL Dynamic hit it out of the park with this one.!

Lonnie181118d ago

I'm sure the Tomb Raider is great but I doubt it has as much action as Uncharted.

spicelicka1118d ago

But the amount of action doesn't make a game's the gameplay the author is referring to.

Chaos-Dad1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

"But the amount of action doesn't make a game's the gameplay"

Uncharted -> 88
Uncharted 2 -> 96
Uncharted 3 -> 92
Rise of the Tomb Raider -> 86 :´(


spicelicka1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I didn't even say which is a better game. I simply said the amount of action doesn't dictate how good a game is.

I don't think the comparison makes sense regardless, Uncharted 3 came out years ago on last gen, the real comparison would be Uncharted 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.