Why Is 'Fallout 4' Such a Big Deal?

The video game world is going nuts about the newest Bethesda release. Why is Fallout so special?

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JKSimmons1092d ago

I really want to pick this up at one point, but I'll wait for a price cut for now. Never played any of the games, but this new one intrigues me.

xPhearR3dx1092d ago

I highly suggest you pick it up sooner rather than later. Considering you never played a Fallout game, 4 is a great one to dive into. Nearly every aspect that was lacking in the serious has been vastly improved. If you've played Skyrim, you can kinda get an idea of how Fallout is, just in a post apocalyptic universe.

Summons751092d ago

If you are going to wait, which is fine, then you should just wait for the inevitable GOTY edition...full game for half the price, though it will release at 60.

gillri1092d ago

You'll be waiting for a good year for a GOTY edition, even then why not wait another year after that comes out as that will drop in price also,

Personally Im gonna wait til January time, Ive got plenty to play at the moment and hopefully a couple of big patches will have come out by then

USMC_POLICE1092d ago

This game is well worth $60

BLAKHOODe1092d ago

If you've never played any of the games before, I'd suggest either picking up Fallout 3 for cheap or allow yourself time to truly learn how to play the game, because while the game is easy to those familiar with it, there is a slight learning curve figuring out everything you can do that might frustrate some players to the point of giving up too early.

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-Foxtrot1092d ago

Because it's a single player driven experience packed full of content which will get DLC also packed with content...basically an experience we get few of these days

_-EDMIX-_1092d ago


I would get Fallout 4 even if you told me it was the same number of main quest and side quest as Fallout 3...

I would have got it if you told me it would have no DLC...

I got Fallout 4 because of the fun of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I actually have no clue how many more quest are in Fallout 4 then 3, don't know how many more side quest..

I got it for 1

"days" yo boy is packing MONTHS into this game lolz. It was an easy pre-order for me before I even heard of the season pass, before I heard of rest of the features before I even heard of how long it would be, it was an easy pre-order. One of the best games released this year if not this gen thus far!

Bigpappy1092d ago

Bethesda games are very approachable, because they are true opened world. You are not set on missions, so you can take your time and truly explore and get to know each town or area to see what new surprises you run into. They seem unpredictable so its like the whole experience open as you play. You given these worlds and you use the given tools and materials to do with them as you please.

This freedom of choices, as simples as they are, make the games feel like yours. Like you created your own experience.

This is why they are so popular, and why it is so difficult for other developers to get that same appeal doing open worlds. GTA is a popular for different reasons. That game gives you the opportunity to playout the rebel rolls with a strong emphasis on power through violence and action.

slappy5081092d ago

This might blow your mind: because it's a good game.

Ozmoses1092d ago

Because it is a wonderful experience... trudging through the wasteland killing creatures and listening to the back storys of all the people that are trying to survive the harsh world.

and for the first time ever Fallout 4 includes a building option... Holy shit. I've already spent hours upon hours making Sancutary into the biggest settlement of the CommonWealth

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