Take-Two Moving to the Dark Side With Free-to-Play and Online-Only Games

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company behind Rockstar Games, has revealed that it wants to go down the dirty route of free-to-play games. Urgh. - The Games Cabin

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-Foxtrot1094d ago

GTA Online to me is kind of like a forshadowing. I mean everytime you hear about GTA it's always about the online. Do we get single play expansions which made GTA4 better and Red Dead even more fun....nope. Single player gamers are left in the dust while they focus on exploiting the online and trying to get us to buy microtransactions

For developers like Rockstar it's a shame they are more interested in online/co-op...while GTAV was great it did feel some areas could have needed more work...take the ending where you quickly "tie up loose ends".

Hope this dosen't get worse for them or other devs Take Two have beneath them

Roccetarius1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

I always felt like it was only a matter of time with Take Two / Rockstar, while other people seemed naive and thought, that they were amazing and could do no wrong.

In the last generation and this one, they've shown their more aggressive and exploitative nature, so maybe that changes now.

-Foxtrot1093d ago

Kind of how it happens in some cases

Publisher/Studio creates big franchises, gets great reviews, success goes to head, get more arrogant/aggressive, start to push gamers more and more until finally they push us too far and their "reign" comes to a tragic end

XisThatKid1093d ago

There are no such companies (Sony, MS, Ninty, Activision, Blizzard, EA, Ubisoft) as that. Your just being Paranoid.

milohighclub1093d ago

the thing that makes this laughableis that to date all gta v's dlc has come in the form of updates. for free. theres been a lot of it too

freshslicepizza1093d ago

it's a business, they will gravitate towards where they can make the most profits. they owe consumers nothing. this is called entertainment and some of you people act like it should be treated like a charity.

but once again people feel the need to focus on the big aaa market while ignoring the thousands of other games available that are single player. the aaa market is not sustainable without trying to recoup their investments and the $60 retail box single player campaign is sadly being eroded because of the huge resources that go into making them. you also have to remember that these publishers use the main titles like gta to help fund other games that don't have the luxury of selling 20 million copies.

Jayszen1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

modlybread - Sorry, but as you just said yourself "it's a business, they will gravitate towards where they can make the most profits" and in reality these publishers WILL NOT use main titles which are successful to help fund other games. In fact, if anything, the business model is changed to that which produces more games like the one that is successful. If devs are unable to make games that generate a certain income or sell a specific amount, that game is not going to have a sequel. SE was complaining about the 'Tomb Raider' reboot - that it did not sell enough and yet with 5m copies sold one would think this would be considered good for a franchise that was in the doldrums and needed a strong reboot (which it was). The targets are sometime arbitrary or based on a complex formula that takes into account various factors that may have little to do with the game but more to do with investor expectations or financial analysis. This is the reason why we have a lack of variety and genres with some devs and publishers.

In actuality, the single player campaigns are being 'eroded' as you put it because the likes of Peter Moore of EA read some research that said people like you and me don't play campaigns on shooters. No one bothered asking me or my friends and most of the time such information is self-serving or collected in a manner that throws up incorrect conclusions. Just ask how many 'Battlefront' players would have liked a campaign. The original 'Call of Duty' games and even the first 'Modern Warfare' had campaigns that most gamers who played those games still fondly remember. 'Fallout 4' is single player. It sold 12 million copies on the first day or two.

What is really silly is that the devs or publishers seem to quickly forget what made that game popular and seem happy to take on a new model that may well be at odds with the type of game or the expectations of the gamers. EA destroyed the 'Command and Conquer' franchise exactly in this manner.

The sad truth is that content is either being withdrawn or hidden behind paywalls or in dlcs that we have to buy because this is what analysts have calculated will earn the company the most while spending the least. As long as gamers continue to pay up in droves, the situation will only get worse.

Most gamers would be happy to pay for extra content provided the base game itself had the content that was expected. I loved buying the expansions for games like 'Warcraft' and 'Civilization' because I had a great experience without and wanted more as a result.

crazymike_221093d ago

thank you, this is what people dont get, ya for sure it sucks but times have changed and technology has changed and making games is way to expensive now a days and selling a few million isnt cutting it anymore, then everyone wants a base game with crazy amount of content and all dlc to be free or in the base game but there is not enough time and money to be doing that anymore.

Kaneki-Ken1093d ago

Well at least NaughtyDog is still the same since last generation.

m2stech1093d ago

Totally agree, I enjoyed every minute of gta5 campaign mode but got bored by gta online only after two hours and stopped playing it.

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slappy5081093d ago

Here, take two middle fingers from me

Dario_DC1093d ago

I'm joining your movement, here's two more!

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

Don't mean to be negative Nancy, but where is the source link to this news? I've heard nothing of this else where, not saying anyone is lying, merely this news can't be found anywhere and doesn't have link to its source.

Lennoxb631093d ago

Soooo. They're on the dark side now because they want to make more money?

As long as the games are good, what does it matter whether they are online only or not? This is the first generation where making a good game is not enough. People make all these requirements and goals a game has to hit; many of which don't matter as a whole, regardless of how much enojoyment it brings.

Austin481093d ago

Idk if this is true because wouldn't this be getting a lot more attention instead of just this site also I've never heard of this site that wrote the article but If it's true then that's very disappointing.

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