Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Pre-Orders Will Be Xbox One Exclusive With Pre-Loading Coming This Month

Pre-orders will go live this month on Xbox One for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Activision has also released a new trailer for the game along with a bunch of screenshots.

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Bigpappy1121d ago

Doesn't seem to have that up close and personal brutality of Ryse or its beauty, but could still get my attention at $19.99.

jmc88881121d ago

Ummm... no.

It has all the brutality in the world. Wait until you start taking off limbs.

The combat feels weighty, as in you feel the impact as you take off their limbs.

Great game.

Bigpappy1121d ago

Thanks for your insight. If you are correct, then the fun factor for me would be right where it should be. We shall see.

rdgneoz31121d ago

Wait, we now have pre-orders / pre-loading being exclusive to a game that releases on multiple systems on the same day...

Fatdrinkofwater1121d ago

This game is so fun. I always hoped it would come to current gen consoles so im pretty happy to see this :)

This game is brutal

1121d ago
ChronicPsycho1121d ago

Couldn't care less about pre-order exclusivity, still buying on ps4.

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