Deep Silver Announce Games Convention Line-Up

Deep Silver & Partners are presenting a broad range of different games for every taste at the Leipzig Games Convention 2008. From long-awaited action Role-Playing Games to thrilling adventures, from the fantastic Japanese RPGs to dark RPG First-Person Shooters, from educational handheld games for a young audience to challenging strategy games – Deep Silver and its Partners will offer all of this to the visitors of the Games Convention 2008.

On each day of the convention, there will be live presentations with the game developers, trailers and video shows as well as numerous other surprises that will take place at Deep Silver's exhibition booth...

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Man I LOVE Deep Silver.

Many people think the Adventure genre is dead but really, there are a handful of recent games floating around out there!! Deep Silver is among one of the devs still trying to bring back this amazin genre. I'm excited to hear about some of their new software!!!