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Brilliantly Epic's official game review of the recently released first-person shooter, Star Wars: Battlefront. Does the game live up to the hype the media has presented?

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Immorals1123d ago

This game is like taking the original trilogy, taking out the story, the soundtrack, all the space battles and a lot of the other battles, leaving only 4 battles to watch over and over. It's awesome at first, but quickly gets boring.

Then they have the nerve to charge extra for the rest.

Aenea1123d ago

4 battles? Not sure I'm getting that...

Immorals1123d ago

There's Endor, Hoth, Tattooine and Solust.

Immorals1122d ago

Also the only 4 maps (each has 3 variants), so its 4 battles that happen within the trilogy.

Grimhammer001123d ago

I find it strange how complainers don't like that it has 4 maps only.....despite the fact that each mode uses portions of those maps which are unique areas.

Ie - Han solo hanger.

Its fun. Its beautiful with best soundtrack probably in gaming. And its not perfect. Has content issues. Dlc season pass is ludicrous in Canada. unlocks for characters is incredibly lame....but it has to fit canon.

Hugos1123d ago

Nice and short about game tell this review. But i think, that every fan of SW would to see a solid campaing and not only MP battles. Anyway, i will wiat till this game will be complete with all Dlc's and season pass and then maybe i will buy it. For now i'll pass. I prefer to wait for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which will be aviabale in next year. It will have campaign [a big one] and multiplayer.