Have Terrorists Infiltrated Our Gaming Communities?

Now we’re being told that terrorists love the PlayStation 4.

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porkChop1069d ago

They use the voice chat on the PS4 because it's so difficult to track. That doesn't mean they play games too. That's a bit of a reach.

LOL_WUT1069d ago

If thats the case then Sony should put the chat feature behind a paywall. ;)
Imagine the look on their face once they're told they need to upgrade to a yearly subscription.

Anyways I can't believe there are clowns on youtube wanting to boycott the ps4 due to it being linked to the recent terrorist attacks.

Summons751068d ago

Right. Not the paywall Idea but the whole boycotting the ps4 idea is stupid. If they do that they should boycott Xbox, ventrillo, team speak, skype...every chat service available. There was that report years ago that terrorist were using call of duty to train (makes sense why they suck so much) but nobody boycotted COD for that reason.

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u4one1068d ago

Exactly. Nice misleading story title though on the authors part.

olorin8181068d ago

Journalism like anything can be full of shit, and they do aim for cheap headline stories, that might have little or no relevance in life. Video Games are not the only victim here I am sure.

SilverClock1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

I read that the hacker group Anonymous took down a bunch of ISIS Twitter accounts due to this same issue.

pompombrum1068d ago

Love the negative spin on all this but ultimately, isn't this a glowing review for both Sony and the PS brand? In the post Snowden leak era where seemingly on a weekly basis out privacy is stripped from us all in the name of "national security" I find it reassuring that PSN is considered private enough by the sort of people intelligence agencies are searching for.

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equal_youth1068d ago

Baddest comment i've heard came from a german analyst who claimed that terrorist could shoot words with bulletholes into walls to communicate. Made me laugh so hard but at the same moment i shed a tear. Just so sad that some people will believe that nonsense.

SilverClock1068d ago

I remember when a friend of mine swore on his mother's grave that the PS3 would have a car engine in it. This was before it had come out. He's not the brightest guy.

equal_youth1068d ago

Sad thing is we know he's dead wrong but old folks without a clue will feed on this type of bs. :/

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