Gamasutra Q&A: Kauppinen On His New Crossover 'IDEA'

Hoping to foster a symbiotic relationship between the video game, digital animation, visual effects, and digital film industries, game marketing and business development veteran Sean Kauppinen has founded a new consultancy firm, the International Digital Entertainment Agency.

IDEA plans to offer corporate strategy and communications services to companies, particularly those involved in multiple digital industries.

For more details on his plans, Gamasutra spoke with Kauppinen, a veteran of Sony Online Entertainment, Ubisoft, and most recently PR firm TriplePoint.

Kauppinen considers industries involving different digital media all part of the same larger umbrella, and hopes to bring them together. "The approach I'm taking is looking at the global market for things happening across games, animation, visual effects, and digital films, and looking at the size of that market," he explained.

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