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GK has done a full in depth review of the new "Rise of the Tomb Raider".


"Combat sees Lara acquiring and upgrading a huge array of multi-purpose weapons and hand-crafted, makeshift explosives as her adventure continues. This arsenal is an absolute blast to get to grips with and use to take down an endless supply of bad guys, and should you opt for the guns-blazing approach Rise is a sharp, punchy experience. I preferred to take my time with each smartly designed area, stealthing my way around every base or outpost and carefully picking guards off with distractions and silent takedowns. "

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GusBricker1097d ago

It's my GOTY so far. (Haven't finished Fallout 4 as of yet, tho)

Kingdomcome2471097d ago

It made a very solid case for my GOTY too. I still feel that mine is The Witcher 3, but it's very close. Ori and the Blind Forest is up there for me as well.

SolidGear31097d ago

GOTY for me and first launch party I went to in 5 years. Hell, first preorder since Beyond: Two Souls in 2013.

Kingdomcome2471097d ago

Why you no mention it in the Game Informer post? :(

Kingdomcome2471097d ago

The more I play the expeditions mode after beating the game, the more I'm finding this game to be brilliant. The Witcher 3 is still my GOTY, but this sure is trying to creep up on it. They improved every single facet of the game. I absolutely loved stalking animals, and enemies from tree to tree, while crafting different arrows and weaponry on the fly.

GamerKnights1097d ago

It'll probably make it in our GOTY 2015 as well :)