PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Dragon Quest Builders’ Gameplay Video Shows the Rimuldar Continent

After you defeat the golem boss in the starter area, Dragon Quest Builders lets you access the ruined Rimuldar continent.

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GribbleGrunger1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

Don't react, respond. I'm buying this.

I have problems with the game and I've just seen another one. It's clear to me that SE are aiming at two audiences with the game and on paper it should, and hopefully WILL, work, but there are still certain details that are not apparent and one glaring, possible annoyance in this particular video.

We have yet to find out whether each player gets a different seed. It's important for Minecraft fans that they can try different seeds to get different terrains and layouts. That needs to be there if this game is going to get close to the sustained audience of Minecraft. We have yet to be shown whether you can dig downwards and find hidden (and randomly seeded) caverns and cave systems. Again, for this to appeal to Minecraft players this HAS to be there because one of the first things they do is dig down in search of adventure and materials.

The new problem I can see, introduced in this video, is that your town can be destroyed, which isn't going to go down well with people of a creative bent who spend hours building their dream town or city. I want this game and will likely buy it anyway, but I feel IF these can be addressed at some point and minds put at rest, then more Minecraft players will perhaps consider a purchase.

I like what I see but we need this information ... and it wouldn't hurt to give this game to a Minecraft player for a change because those playing it at the moment seem obsessed with showing us the same thing over and over again.

3-4-51097d ago

Day 1 buy on Vita for me if it comes to the U.S.

I really liked Minecraft for what it was, even though I didn't get super into it like a lot of people, and Dragon Quest is one of my new favorite IP's so combining them seems like it should least on paper.

Won't know until full release though. Hopefully things work out and it is a solid game.

joeorc1097d ago

will, be buying this also myself. also the points you brought up is with out a doubt important @GribbleGrunger and sofar the game looks to be fantastic in its direction, i would think that sofar even the way it is now, without even going to dig further down, you can build upward, so if your points in user control for the Ui can go upward, and as we seen you can infact build upward which they have already shown, it may also allow you to dig further down due to keeping with dragon quest there underground areas to explore in regular DQ?

that answer is a resounding yes, so it would in all likely hood be the case that you can. and i know that its not a sure thing just by looking at the game, because all developers look at their projects in a certain way. it would just seem to me that in my opinion the past DQ games have areas to explore that are in caves or underground, and why not do that in 3D brick block building game, such as it is with DQ Builders.

we will see how it turns out, but if i was a betting man, i think i would have to say , that with past history of DQ games, there is a very good chance this will have underground places to explore & build.

SmokingMonkey1097d ago

Have they announced a NA release yet? I really want this on my Vita.

TheColbertinator1097d ago

I dislike Minecraft but I can't resist the DQ charm

SmokingMonkey1097d ago

I'm 100% with you, I don't get Minecraft but I love LBP and I can't wait for Dreams.

DQB looks awesome to me because it looks like there is a point to the game, unlike Minecraft (before "story mode")

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