Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC vs Console Graphics Comparison Video

A video which takes a look at the just released Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC version running at Ultra preset against the console version (PS4).

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Spoonsx1095d ago

Kinda a unfair comparison IMO. Though you can easily tell the difference they didn't say what card they used for this except that it is AMD. This game has Nvidea gameworks so if you have a Nvidea 970-980 card it makes that PC display they just used look like a console display.

Dynasty20211095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

IGN have been caught in the past with "accidently" comparing PS4 versions of games with the PC version, with the PC version running on lower settings.

They did it with Dragon Age and were like "oh yeah, sorry, we messed up" and confirmed the PC footage was running on low settings. "Woops" indeed.

I don't trust any comparison these days from journalist sites - with crap like that going on, I'm convinced they're all paid off to make the console version look as close as possible to the PC version by lowering PC settings, just to make the consoles look more powerful than they are.

Because it starts flamewars and fanboyism which is good for business and pre-orders (that you all whine about but buy anyway).

I don't care what anyone says - 60 FPS destroys 30 FPS every time, and 60 should be the standard now and in to 2016 and beyond. The new consoles just cant cope because their hardware is too old.

60 FPS makes SUCH a difference. Fallout 4 plays so much better at 60 FPS.

IGN have been ripped a new one recently for saying on a video podcast that "I can pull off a cool kill on Counter Strike and say Xbox record that, you cant do that on PC".

Just shows how pathetic they are. Of course you can do that on PC, you have been able to since FRAPS has been around for like a decade or more, AND, Counter Strike isn't on consoles. What morons.

Sites like IGN and N4G are deliberately pro-console, and it's pathetic.

Pixelart1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Sadly.. Alot of those tactics by IGN have been proven true. Bunch of uneducated lamers.

The worst kept secret this Gen is the consoles aren't the powerhouses that were touted upon their release. Shills are doing all sorts of dirty tricks to keep that cat in the bag - 30fps cinematic anyone. Then there's the sad fanboys with only 1 platform cheerleeding them on, preording every game, squabbling over crumbs while enabling both companies to charge to play online. Weak.

PC is the gamers choice this Gen for a lot of people compared with previous gens. My PS4 just collects dust and my X1 at least gets some Forza love. Everything else Pc thanks.

traumadisaster1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

60fps you nailed it. I've spent time over the last 2 years with 4k and switching between 30 and 60 at different resolutions and gfx settings.

60fps at any resolution or setting is imperative. Truly affects the game unlike anything else.