Twilight Princess HD, Female Link, Cloud in Smash, & Great RPGs Get Localized - Best Game Podcast 11

00:28 - Twilight Princess HD
01:37 - What Twilight Princess Needs Most
06:44 - My Pokemans on 3DS
07:59 - Interested in going back to original Pokemon?
11:40 - Mother 3 on Japanese Virtual Console
16:54 - Bravely Second!
20:46 - Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS
25:35 - Portables vs. Consoles
31:24 - Cloud Storms into Battle!
32:54 - Cloud's Japanese voice is also a polar bear
35:49 - Linkle: a female Link... well, kind of.
44:40 - Since Link is a blank slate, that means...

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knifefight1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

I remember playing Dragon Quest 7 (back when it was still Dragon Warrior 7) on the PSOne. I liked its visuals even though they were clearly dated, but the pacing is terrrrrible. How many hours is it till you even get the job system? Whatever the exact number, it was too damn many, I'll tell you that.

The 3DS version simplifies a lot of things about it, so I'm looking forward to that version.

Sly-Lupin1092d ago

Yeah, DQ7 had... a number of issues. DQ8 really marked the beginning of "modern" Dragon Quest games, and TBH I just can't go back to any of the older games.