Beyond: Two Souls Coming to PS4 on Nov. 24th, Heavy Rain Out Next Year

Posted by Guillaume de Fondaumiere on Nov 19, 2015 // Quantic Dream co-CEO

Hello, PlayStation fans. I’m pleased to announce that Beyond: Two Souls is coming to PS4 next week, complete with graphical improvements and new fan-requested features. You’ll be able to download it from PlayStation Store starting November 24th for $29.99.

Players will have another chance to experience the story of Jodie Holmes (played, excellently, by Ellen Page), a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to an invisible entity. Holmes’ journey is intertwined with the complex Dr. Dawkins (brought to life by the inimitable Willem Dafoe), on PS4.


The Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection dated for 2nd March In Europe.

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DarkOcelet1095d ago

That is great news for those who didnt play it. The visuals in this game still challenge new current gen titles.

I cant wait for Detroid!

UserNameIsNotTaken1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Hell, I played the games & I'm buying the collection myself.

And it's Detroit* :P

DarkOcelet1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Well, Detroid also works since they are Androids :D

ABizzel11095d ago

One thing I hope they change is to simply let us use the Left stick to move, and not L2 / R2 in Heavy Rain (forgot which one it was).

Updated controls would be nice.

freshslicepizza1095d ago

not surprised these games are coming but it's great to see and getting heavy rain for free if you buy beyond digitally is very good news.

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UserNameIsNotTaken1095d ago

It seems that I just got rekt.

Me-Time1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

lol damn. I heard someone mention beyond and heavy rain were said to have remastered versions coming in the future (the news was leaked or something a while back). I was going to hold off buying BEYOND until after PSX. I still might have to since I'm broke.

I've had heavy rain for so long now. Don't know if I'll wait til the collection releases.

DarkOcelet1095d ago


I just got lucky ;)

SolidGear31095d ago

Yeah, Beyond: Two Souls was my last preorder up until Fallout 4. I'll be waiting until March though once they release Heavy Rain and have both in a physical release.

N4GGuy241095d ago

Another collection hoping for backward compatibility. But hey making money with repackages so doubt anyone will stop. Btw heavy rain is the better one great game and story recommended.

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Kalebninja1095d ago

Woah that's great, never got to play it.

G20WLY1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

It's one of the few top end exclusives that came out at a time when people were starting to think about next gen consoles.

I reckon some people held onto their money saving for PS4, so may not have played this. Hopefully it'll do quite well and should act as a great way to tide us all over while we wait for their next game, Detroit! :)

theshredded1095d ago

Only played the Heavy Rain demo & loved it!

DarkOcelet1095d ago

The feels in Heavy Rain is deep. Get ready for one hell of a soul crushing experience :(.

SolidGear31095d ago

Got Heavy Rain at launch. That was my first platinum :3

Paytaa1095d ago

Heavy Rain was easily one of my favorite experiences last gen. Me and 3 of my buddies would be assigned a character and played as them through the whole game.

It made me really appreciate these type of games.

TLG19911095d ago

Thats a pretty good way of playing it with people. my girlfriend usually just watched when i play stuff like this but im going to do that from now on.

traumadisaster1095d ago

There was an app that was made to play the game. My wife on the phone has easier touch controls than controller for her.

The_BlackHeart__1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

@Paytaa - That is brilliant! It will be pretty cool to see a playthrough of a game like Until Dawn in which 8 different people are responsible for their own character's well being, and have to role play during each episode.

I_am_Batman1095d ago

Awesome trailer. Never got to play it on PS3 so I'll check the PS4 version out at some point.