WorthPlaying Reviews: Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride is following the growing trend of board game-to-XBLA transitions, much like Catan and Carcassone did before it. With every other download being some form of scrolling shooter, it's nice now and again to see a game with a relaxed attitude toward casual play.

Ticket To Ride follows a very simple premise in that you are attempting to link cities by railroad in 19th century North America. You draw destination cards, which may have you attempting to link El Paso to Boston. In addition to destination cards, you'll also draw different colored rail cards. Each stop between city points corresponds to a color and number of cards required, so three blue dashes mean that it'll take three blue rail cards to secure that route. There is also a rainbow train card that's good to place on any color. At various points around the map, you'll also find grey markers where any color card can be used.

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