Batman: Arkham Knight SLI/Crossfire Support Not Coming

In a response to a user on the Steam Forums, a Warner Bros. developer has commented that SLI and Crossfire support won't be coming to Batman: Arkham Knight.

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DarkOcelet1119d ago

There goes any chance to play this game on Ultra with 4K/60fps.

That is not a good idea Rocksteady, you failed hard with this game. This should not have been this crap on PC.

crazychris41241119d ago

Good luck getting more than $10 from me.

kdmitchell_toh1119d ago

WTF! NO SLI???? Way to fail so hard WB!

ninsigma1119d ago

Way to alienate a whole platforms worth of fans.

Fatdrinkofwater1119d ago

Calling the pc port half assed would be giving them too much credit.

xTheMercenary_1119d ago

How bad are we talking? 1/8th assed? or worse?

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The story is too old to be commented.