Does The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Need To Modernize Itself Like Final Fantasy 15?

Final Fantasy 7 is a fairly old game in the grand scheme of things, there's no denying that. There have been substantial improvements to the face of gaming since 1997, to the extent where certain titles from this era can feel almost unplayable for some. Therefore, Square Enix will assuredly want to modernize this game in the form of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but how far should things really go?

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jchaplin21038d ago

From the looks of the preview the graphics are already getting updated so that's good, but I don't think they need to change the combat system. I think turn based RPGs are still fun.

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Kalebninja1038d ago

Yes they do need to modernize themselves. Not only because it would allow the game to reach more people but an action based system will make the battles feel more epic and less disconnected from the world. The only challenge is getting the right system down. I honestly think using the menu system that's in kingdom hearts 2 but a slightly less heavy version of the combat that's in 15 would be a perfect mix. The combat wouldnt be too fast or slow and you'd have access to using potions, magic, and other skills without having to pause the menu.

DarkOcelet1038d ago

I would really love that because i want an EPIC Sephiroth and Cloud fight just like Sora and Xemnas but that will never sit well with the fans.

jchaplin21038d ago

An action based system wouldn't sit well with some of the older crowd, but the right menu system could make it all work. I agree that FF 15 is a little too involved (even with the tutorials).

I haven't played KH2, but as long as the menu system allows for easy command selection and party control I'd be in favor.

kalkano1038d ago

People mistake what "modernizing" Final Fantasy 7 would actually be. If you're one of those people that says "modernizing it means making it an action-RPG", I want you to remember that YOU'RE at fault WHEN the industry crashes.

"There have been substantial improvements to the face of gaming since 1997, to the extent where certain titles from this era can feel almost unplayable for some."

Some things have gotten better; some things have gotten worse. Also, when FF7 was first released, lots of people who played it had never played a turn-based RPG before. Guess what happened? A HUGE chunk of those people became FANS of turn-based RPGs! The exact same situation would play out with the remake!

"We've seen the Final Fantasy series undergo major transformations, it's basically unrecognizable at times!"

That's why it's been declining so badly.

"Final Fantasy 15 is an unusual hybrid of Japanese and Western game design - whether this mix will actually work will be decided on its release date. But are the innovations that this new installment is introducing worth transferring to Final Fantasy 7 to modernize it?"

Not only would it tank the franchise if the 7 remake went 15's route, it'll tank the franchise if 16 goes 15's route as well. They must either correct course, or the franchise will die.

"But Final Fantasy 7 does have a very old battle system"

So does Star Ocean. Does that make it bad?

"The gameplay of Final Fantasy 15 blends real-time action with the turn-based beginnings of the series."

Are you on crack? 15 is 100% ARPG. There is nothing turn-based about it.

ninsigma1038d ago

Hold on. So the industry is going to crash if ff7R is not turn based?? Wow.

The franchise won't die if it doesn't go back to turn based. Am I opposed to SOME iterations being turn based and SOME being arpg or whatever style?? Hell no. But telling them it has to be one way and always one way is called censorship.

You're being way too extreme about this.

kalkano1038d ago

No, the industry is going to crash because "every game must be action, if it has the slightest budget behind it".

Dabigsiebowski1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

He may be extreme but I can see his reason. FFVII is literally one of the greatest games ever and had massive influence across the industry. The game has been talked about to death still before the Remake announcement.
I'm extremely passionate about this game just as much as the next guy and when they try to fix something that really isn't broken at all then I see it as a problem. I don't mind action combat at all just as long as they keep it in the realm of still being turn based. If they can strike the perfect balance then I think we could really have something special for everyone.
They don't need to look at new trends as most turn based jrpgs have been out of the loop for quite some time now. They need to reinvent themselves from 20 years ago and apply it to today.

kalkano1038d ago

Here's how you modernize the Final Fantasy 7 battle system:

Have battles and exploration take place on the same screen. Have characters and enemies naturally move around each other, making feints and failed attack animations while waiting for their turns. Have the camera follow the action, or whoever's turn it is. Rebalance the difficulty, and include multiple difficulty levels.

Done. The vast majority of that is presentation. THAT'S pretty much all it takes. BOOM! You have a MODERN, AAA, TURN-BASED RPG! IT'S NOT HARD!

Dabigsiebowski1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

That's exactly what I posted last time this came up. Not saying you stole it or anything but I highly agree with you that this would be the only way to please old and new fans. It has to be turn base tho or you are just gonna siphon off more of their older fan base.

Why try to get a new audience when you already have tens of millions who have enjoyed/loved/ and cherish the turn base system. If you can't play a turn based game then you should probably look at other titles from other developers.

Funny how Final Fantasy is the only franchise I still crave to play after all these years and beating them multiple times, Final Fantasy games have stood the test of time extremely well and most of them serve as the greatest moments in my gaming career.

Lon3wolf1038d ago

Just like The Last Remnant battles then?

Dabigsiebowski1038d ago

No those are wayy more large scale and don't allow freedom. Good game none the less tho

kalkano1038d ago

Not just like them, but thinking along those lines is kind of close. The Last Remnant had some of the feints/failed attacks while waiting. But, it needs to be done better than that.

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