Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One: Does It Ultimately Matter?

Backwards compatibility is many things but is it a killer app for any console?

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DragonbornZ1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Dunno, but it's dope to have. And as an mp guy, merging the 360 and x1 communities will increase the overall online population of some games.

You can bet I'm hopping on bo1 when it's available as well as mw2 if it makes it.

As a guy who loves ground war I hope mw2 gets on bc. I remember there only being a couple matches available last time I played, and only a handful that could be joined.

Foehammer1122d ago

It's very obvious that it does matter.

Both MS and Sony have admitted that BC is one of the most requested features.

MS and Sony have both spent significant money and resources to allow ppl to play previous gen games on the new consoles.

We are already seeing the increased value of new game releases combined with the previous version.

In some cases, like Fallout, the previous version scored much higher on metacritic.

Crimzon1122d ago

I'd definitely be using backwards compatibility a lot if the PS4 would allow me to play all the PS3 games I bought off the PSN store. I've been dying for a good racing game to play for example, and would love to be able to fire up Burnout Paradise or Wipeout HD when I've got the itch. Since the Uncharted Collection completely dropped the ball when it comes to content, I'd love to go back and play some UC2/UC3 multiplayer and co-op occasionally as well, nevermind all the other great games.

Dee_Blessed1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Uncharted Collection did not "drop the ball" when there's 3 whole games you can play. How is there a content lack when there are 3 very highly rated games put on one disk? Games known for their amazing single player campaign. Do you want to know why they didn't include multiplayer in UC? (If that's what you're referring to by content). The reason it wasn't included is simple. Adding an extensive multiplayer mode on UC, would divide the fanbase. Those new or accustom to the multiplayer on uc, would have a reason to remain there, or splitting time
between both u4 multiplayer and uc multiplayer. Especially when the 2 are 5 months apart on release. That's like saying Call of duty will now release twice a year. That's dumb. Dividing the mltiplayet fanbase like that is asinine. Especially when the add on Is not what the game is known for. So all those clamoring about no mp in uc, that is why, there's no reason to even waste money adding a multiplayer game that will just burn you out on u4 multiplayer, or will divide the uncharted mp fanbase, or will make uc or even u4 multiplayer untouched by some gamers. Having no multiplayer in uc will just make us want to play the u4 multiplayer that much more, and clearly that means more sales, it's an intelligent move overall even if the consumer immediately disagrees at the fact. Plus, those who have uc, get to test u4 beta. I see no legitimate complaint here as always.

Crimzon1121d ago


Your whole argument falls apart when you take into account that The Last of Us Remastered had multiplayer. I know you're saying that because that's what ND used as their official excuse, but the mere existence of TLOU:R proves that incorrect and demonstrates that they were lying. If they cared so much about not dividing their fanbases, they would have left multiplayer out of TLOU:R. They used a poor excuse for a sloppy remaster, plain and simple. It's not just the lack of competitive multiplayer that stings either, but the cooperative campaigns as well. Can't call those "whole games" when there's gigantic chunks of content missing, and that's exactly why the lack of backwards compatibility is so awful, because the crappy remaster wouldn't matter if we had the full games to play instead.

frostypants1121d ago

"Both MS and Sony have admitted that BC is one of the most requested features."

It was at launch. Now? Not so sure.

Army_of_Darkness1121d ago

With the recent release of halo 5,cod black ops 3,rise of the tomb raider, battle front and fallout 4 you seriously think anyone really gives a shit about playing older games from last gen?! Lol! It's a feature the xbone fanboys will brag about, but will barely ever get used.

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Kingdomcome2471122d ago

It's fantastic for someone like myself that didn't own a 360 until one was given to me at the generation's end. I also love the 4 free games per month on Xbox One with BC GWG.

DragonbornZ1121d ago

Nice! More games for you to check out. And yeah, 4 games on gwg. Them being on the the X1 gives me personally a bigger incentive to play them. I haven't played any of the 360 gwg games in months lol while getting all the x1s.

I've just been doing the download method from the website.

stuna11122d ago

It matters to those that want and will use it, and that's all that matters!

Genuine-User1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

It's a nice feature but I don't really want to visit old games without some extra polish.

Septic1122d ago

So you just like remasters then?

Genuine-User1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Remasters and upresed ports.

Something similar to how it works on PC.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1122d ago

Nothing wrong with remasters. Those who are using the "I never owned a PS3" strawman argument fail to realize that even if the PS4 was backwards compatible with PS3, you would still need to buy PS3 games to use the feature, right?

DasTier1121d ago


However, buying those PS3 games would be a lot cheaper than buying remasters or renting them of PS Now, plus you would own the disc.

KiwiViper851122d ago

Why do you even play on console then?

Genuine-User1121d ago

What has that got to do with anything? :s

DerrickCole1122d ago

It absolutely matters in my opinion. It is the end of last generation and some good games have come out that I've missed. Now with BC I can now go back and play some of these games. Like Stick of Truth I missed it but now I am currently playing it in between my games of Fallout 4, that is great.

KiwiViper851122d ago

Stick of truth is up there for me too. I also really wanted to play assassins creed rogue, as I sold 360 to get one. Hope it makes it on the list soon

DerrickCole1121d ago

I'm sure it will once ubisoft agrees to it most likely after the sales of the newest "Creed" die down.

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