Star Wars Battlefront producer feels pressure to deliver on IP

From GameWatcher: "When you're given the responsibility to bring gamers not only a Battlefront game, but one that's based on the Star Wars license, it does bring a certain amount of pressure, and producer Jaime Keen discussed the potential pitfalls in a BBC interview.

"Everybody wants this to be good," Keen related, "Obviously we can't please everybody all of the time, but on the whole feedback has been hugely positive, which has been a good experience as a developer and one that's pretty rare."

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Farsendor11120d ago

I think they delivered a good game. I'm at level 25 and can't stop playing.

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thekhurg1120d ago

I agree. I only grabbed it last night, but I've been having a lot of fun with it. Been trying out the various game modes and so far, they've all been enjoyable - but I still haven't done them all yet!

nX1120d ago

For me it's only a good game if it's still fun after 10 or 20 hours. I've played for around 8 hours now but don't really feel the urge to play more unfortunately.

DragoonsScaleLegends1120d ago

It's a good game but it still could have been so much more with a story mode.

Farsendor11120d ago

Could it? Looking at Dice track record their campaigns/story missions have been sub par. I don't think I would have wanted the story to come from Dice.

thekhurg1120d ago

A typical 4 hour DICE campaign would have added "so much more"?

crazymike_221120d ago

with 20h in the beta and another 10h in the full release, ya they delivered a good game ,i dont get all the hate, it might lack a bit of content but whats there is still ok, and people complaing of no single player, there are many games right now and a trend of multiplayer only games, they decided to focus on multiplayer and there is nothing wrong with that. mind you game costed me $80 in canada and im not complaing like many out there, and cant wait to see whats in store in dlc.

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spicelicka1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

'I want to get this right because it's such a beloved franchise'

Well presentation-wise they succeeded in their job. But if they really wanted to get it right they could've done a better job of giving us some more damn content to actually play. Next time he shouldn't just worry about the franchise but the actual game content.

iceman061119d ago

Let's be real, though. If he didn't NAIL the franchise part, the content wouldn't even matter. This IS Star Wars...with it's rabid fanbase. I'm not saying that I am happy with the content amount, especially considering how they dealt with the DLC. But, a crap ton of content that didn't nail the Star Wars part of it would have been absolute death for the game franchise going forward.

Tedakin1120d ago

Love Fighter Squadron and walker assault. The rest is just okay. Wish speeder bike races, like the bit in training mode, were a full thing.

thekhurg1120d ago

So far my favorite has been supremacy.

Wallstreet371120d ago

I think the game is sound, controls good, looks great but they messed up with the amount of content. Four rotating maps just dont do it for me after awhile you get tired of seeing the same ones (except for Endor my god that level is gorgeous lol).

Is it worth 60? I see how ppl dont see how and i myself feel its a maybe $40 package but i dont see how people who play mp and campaign use the excuse "oh it doesnt have a campaign so it doesn't offer alot of hours" if anything games with mp increases replay ability (of course if your into mp to begin with) ten times fold. An sp generally gets beaten and then put to the side and offers at the most 30 or 40 hours if you replay it and it isnt an rpg. A game with mp can easily generate 100's of hours of play time due to it being dynamic and adding outside influence in the form of online players. Of course RPGs offer 100's of houirs but that is an exception.

Will i get my 60 dollars worth out of the game even without buying the season pass? Hell yeah supremacy alone will have me playing this game at least 100 hours and enjoying it. Mind you a bought Dragon Age Inquisition and although it offers hundreds of hours of play i hated it and played it only like 12 hours and dropped it. I hated the game.

Idk the publishers did put out a game light on content but i still see many ppl enjoying it and getting their moneys worth, i see others being put off by content. I also see the next installment sales taking a hit due to the light content.

Anyway Supremacy on Endor is my favorite. Seeing Ewoks run into their homes while the fight is going on is priceless lol plus that lush environment, wow!

Artemidorus1120d ago

Don't think anyone would question it not being fun but a total rip off yes.

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