Why Do I Want The Fallout 4 Diagloue Mod On PS4?

Clipping Error discuss why they want the Fallout 4 dialogue mod currently available on PC, which gives players the ability to see the exact dialogue that the player character will say instead of the short clues to what they will say, on PS4. Currenlty there are no mods on PS4, but Bethesda has said they will be made available at some point in the future.

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Chaosdreams1096d ago

Haven't picked the game up yet but that seems like a reasonable request. I chuckled at the thought of giving an answer and it becomes something entirely different.

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The_BlackHeart__1096d ago

I like the clues. Specially when the clue is simply "Sarcastic", it is pretty funny to hear what your character has to say in a given situation.

But having the option to see the actual dialogue to avoid surprises could be a more straight forward way to play the game.

1096d ago