Monster Hunter X demo is out on eShop, here’s some gameplay

Take a look at what separates Monster Hunter X from the mainline series.

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yuukiliu1094d ago

I loved MH3G and 4 on 3DS, didnt bother getting MH4G and will not be picking this up at launch either. It just looks too similar and the graphics, my god. They are just AWFUL!!!! I just wish they would make one for Vita, I read an article on some japanese gaming site where they interviewed a game store employee and he said that 75% of the people reserving copies for this game on 3DS also owned and would prefer it released for Vita.

God Eater, Toukiden, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice are all fun games, but they aren't as good as MH. God Eater combat is amazing. It is so fast and fluid. Toukiden has a great atmosphere. Soul Sacrifice has that dark story to it, that gruesomeness, and cool enemy types. Freedom Wars has good combat as well. But there is just something about the overall MH experience that those other games don't beat. Maybe it is the enemy AI of MH and the epic music. Some of the battles I had in 3G were just so epic. Down to the very last minute and finally slaying the dragon. Epic stuff. Maybe make it a tiny bit less of a grind to get amazing gear though. Beating the same boss 10 times to get that one rare crafting piece pissed me off a little bit.

If they could just make 1 damn MH for Vita it would be the ultimate hunting game. So sick of this deal Ninty has with Capcom to keep MH on 3DS. Might pick this up in half a year used since it will be pretty cheap by then depending on how Amazon JP users rate it.