Pokemon Yellow, Red, and Blue Are Up on Amazon for $10 Each

Chances are that your old GameBoy Colour is out of commission and that finding a working cartridge of each game is a pain in the neck, so it’s nice to have the option to buy them digitally.

The bad news is that they’re fairly expensive for games that are relatively ancient by today’s standards as they released over 15 years ago.

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Zjet1091d ago

I'm not a USA gamer but i would hold off, Nintendo is bound to do a buy two get the third free offer or something like that when they do release on the eshops.

contradictory1091d ago

sounds pretty likely.
Nintendo has done that with a couple virtual console releases that had 2 different versions of one game like with LoZ Phantom Hourglass and LoZ Spirit Tracks and after purchasing either one you'd get 50% off from the one other one... which actually wasn't too bad of a deal.

SilverClock1091d ago

Nope, my GameBoy Color still works fine. Still has the small bite mark when I got frustrated as a kid too! Not my best moment!! XD