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Legacy of the Void is the long awaited finale of the Starcraft II series, beginning with the Terran, advancing with the Zerg, Legacy of the Void throws players into the Protoss story before the eventual mic-drop. This title focuses on the Protoss leader Artanis, with Zeratul taking a backseat, and introduces a tonne of old favourites and new faces (if you can call those faces anyway) of potential rivals and allies. This title brings more content for all races, a massive campaign similar to Hear of the Swarm, as well as a bunch of new assets to play with in the all-important SC2 Editor. Heart of the Swarm was a massive boost to Starcraft II, and brought players to the realisation that Blizzard was capable of making even better campaigns than Wings of Liberty. One has to wonder if LotV can carry the torch.

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