Uncharted: Golden Abyss Remake for PS4 “not out of the question”

It’s the one Uncharted game many never got to experience – the one that got away – but according to Naughty Dog, a PS4 remake isn’t entirely out of the question.

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madmonkey011098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

that could work. maybe bundled with KZ mercenaries too.

Genuine-User1097d ago

Or a 50% discount for the Uncharted collection owners.

SlappingOysters1098d ago

Boy do I hope this happens. As much as I love this series, playing on a Vita - as high-end as it was - just felt like hard work. Give me a couch and a big ass screen please.

G20WLY1098d ago

While I agree for the most part, fine tuning your sniping with the motion sensors in the Vita just felt SO right! Tilt it left a bit - BLAM - headshot! :^D

Makes you wonder why they haven't incorporated something similar as a control option for the Dualshock 4. An option only mind, wouldn't want to mess with the formula too much.

freshslicepizza1098d ago

the vita did not sell very well so some of these big games are likely to eventually cross over to the ps4 which is excellent news.

TRS_Gear1097d ago

Maybe that's what it was for me....

I LOVE the Uncharted series, I LOVE it, heck I really love anything Naughty Dog does... let's be honest :D

However I simply could not force myself to play 'Golden Abyss' I bought a VITA just for it, but I simply cannot play it. It's unbearable to me, the shooting feels sloppy, the gimmicky controls, I just can't do it. Sony Bend messed up big time, in my opinion.

But that's my opinion.... commence the disagrees.

Automatic791098d ago

Uncharted golden abyss was fantastic but should have been bundled with the collection. As a standalone not sure it would do well.

SlappingOysters1098d ago

Could they allow those with the collection to buy it as DLC I wonder?

G20WLY1098d ago

I reckon they didn't because of the work involved - it really did use all of the Vita's unique feature set.

That said, I can see the logic in their official reasoning, that the main 3 games were about Drake himself and how he came to be a treasure hunter, where Golden Abyss was like a side story and not linked to that main 'journey'.

I reckon it'll end up a DLC for PS4. They'll work out the control aspects for sure.

TwoForce1098d ago

That would be cool if they included it. But i bet this one will use ND new graphic engine. I think it will be remake.

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iDadio1098d ago

I played it and thought it was very good but how much would people be willing to lay down for this on PS4? Surely it would struggle for anything more than say £20 when you can get a triple uncharted hd collection for £35

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