PSI Review: Siren Blood Curse

PSI reports:

''First off, if you do decide to pick up Siren: Blood Curse (and if you're a survival horror fan you should), know that the song that plays whenever you select it on the PS3 media bar is probably one of the creepier things you'll hear from a game this year, so make sure something else is selected before turning off the game.

Getting to the actual presentation, Blood Curse is the downloadable semi-sequel to the PS2 game. Despite its status as a downloadable game, Sony hasn't skimped on the production values. Neither the textures nor the environments scream "next-gen", though both play into the game's macabre stylization. The awkward models add an additional bit of creep to the already dark (okay, really dark), grainy look. The in-game soundtrack is just as unsettling as the media screen music and fits in the overall aesthetic. Sound effects are just as creepy, and though they won't have you jumping at your shadows, they still add to the sense of paranoia created by a bunch of enemies that just won't die.''

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Run_bare3781d ago

I purchase this game (in full) via (the ASIA version is in English), and i must say that i really enjoy playing it. Sometimes it can be very frustrated in terms of it's control and camera angles, but once you skim a few chapter through, it's actually add the depth of it's overral gameplay and settings.

Sometimes i wonder why at the beginning of each chapter, the character loses the weapon he/she acquarie previously, but it's OK as finding new weapons actually part of fun figuring out how to get past those Shibito. And those Shibitos has a very excellent AI (to certain extent).

If you really enjoy playing a pitch black game and uses your senses, this is a game for you. I strongly recommend to all Survival horror fans. I agree with the review 9/10.

Baba19063781d ago

i am at chapter 8. its so cool this game. scary disgusting too. good score. dont understand how anyone can give thsi game low scores.

PimpHandStrong3781d ago

thats how ppl can give it low scores! Its kinda clumsy when you start off and most ppl have a hard time with stealth gameplay. My buddy does atleast. The dude cant sit still and runs into trouble all the fukn time!

I bought the whole game but im taking my time with it. Im still in the Hospital and have that guy chasing the little girl....

i give the gameplay a 7.5/10 but i give the game a 8.5/10....its just very well done and does creep you out at every turn

chaostheory3781d ago

Wait until you get farther in, it gets a lot scarier. They also do some really unexpected twists in the story which effect gameplay.