Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Gets Direct Feed Screenshots, Info & PS4 Version Trailer: Sexy Bikini Aplenty

Koei Tecmo released today a brand new batch of sexy and naughty direct feed screenshots of Dead or Alive Extreme 3, on top of the direct feed version of the latest trailer and new gameplay info.

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bunt-custardly1122d ago

I like the fact Japanese developers are not afraid of exploring sexy themes in the name of fun and games. That in their culture it's appealing to a particular demographic and not in anyway to be seen as disrespectful to those not interested. People have a choice to ignore this sort of content without marching down the streets in protest. I think this is probably the big difference between western culture, that this game would be considered offensive to women in the west whereas in Japan it's a celebration of the female form.

Abriael1122d ago

The ladies of DOAX are in no way shown as exploited or whatever some say. They're showcased as independent ladies having fun on vacation. If someone finds a problem with that, the problem is on their side, not in the game.

bunt-custardly1122d ago

Yeh but you know a number of western women will be rolling their eyes at this type of game and have utter disdain and contempt towards those who play it.

1122d ago
Abriael1122d ago

@bunt-custardly: I know at least one lady that loves it, but she's rather special :D

Volkama1122d ago

Fun on vacation? Maybe in the previous DOAX games. This one seeming introduces "bikini strap falling off of the shoulder" mechanics, which I imagine causes them a lot of stress and anxiety.

Heyxyz1122d ago

"They're showcased as independent ladies having fun on vacation."

Yeah, if anything, the people who are against this are against women's rights in general, because they are essentially saying women can't do this.

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Heyxyz1122d ago

Totally 100% agree...sometimes I wish I could give more than 1 agree vote.

bunt-custardly1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Soooo, PS VR photomode. Bring it on!

GrimDragon1122d ago

At this time 48pg album for photos and VR will be supported.

gamer78041122d ago

Xbox One and PS4 versions for the west or it didn't happen.

DualWielding1121d ago

it may come to PS4 on the west, it would certainly not come to Xbox One

gamer78041121d ago

Why not , the previous came out for it. Either way I have both but the more the merrier

DualWielding1121d ago

In Japan is only coming to PS4 and Vita its unlikely they'll port it to Xbox One just for a western release

GrimDragon1122d ago

Softcore hentai masked as a beach game ftw. Lube and paper at the ready sjw can clean up when Iam done.

DualWielding1121d ago

I have one and only one problem with this game... My favorite girl Mila isn't on it