How Is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s PC Port?


"Review code for the PC version of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate activated this evening and I’ve spent the hours since playing through the opening sections and fiddling with various settings to see how it all holds together. In short, it runs beautifully and looks a treat. Details and early thoughts about my trip to the Big Smoke are below."

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kevnb1097d ago

The game works much better than the last on console and it also runs really well on PC, shocking.

Nivekki1097d ago

What's your specs dude out of interest?

harv0521097d ago

I'm running it on i7-4720HQ, GTX 965M SLi at 1080p but not everything maxed, pretty darned close though. It runs fairly well at about 45fps...

starchild1097d ago

Yeah, it runs great. Especially considering how it's an open world game with fantastic visuals.

Unity was pretty demanding and buggy. It did run decently well for me on my gtx 970 and with my gsync monitor, but Syndicate definitely runs much better.

kevnb1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Without the nvidia specifics unity was almost a 60 fps exeperience at 1080p with my 970.

1097d ago
chizzy2011097d ago

I have to turn off my crossfire on my pair of 290x but it still runs well on the whole. Far better than unity

Eyesoftheraven1097d ago

Runs surprisingly well for me at 1080p but I have a nice PC. Turning on Nvidia Gameworks features improves visuals a lot but damn are they intensive.

Seems to have native 21:9 support but for whatever reason only 2560x1080 shows up; no 3440x1440p option.

i7-3930, GTX 980 TI G1, game on Samsung Evo SSD.

BassMan1251097d ago

It runs pretty well on my i5, 8gb ram and gtx 760. I play on med-high settings with 50-60 fps.