Sega opens “Valkyria Project” Portal and Twitter for Valkyria Chronicles Games, Anime and Goods

Sega just opened a full fledged new portal site and a Twitter account for Valkyria Chronicles games.

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gokuking1118d ago

They should port 2 & 3 to Vita and release it globally.

Abriael1118d ago

This. So much this. I'd double dip for both. triple dip for a PS4 or PC version too.

styferion1118d ago

+1, would totally buy any CE version of those.

ninjahunter1117d ago

I would love for a port of 1 on vita as well, which is not some unimaginable feat. Well, it wouldn't have been closer to the launch of the vita.

gamejediben1118d ago

I am THIS CLOSE to forgiving Sega for all their past sins against gamers. Such is the power of Valkyria Chronicles over my strategy game loving heart. I swear if they announce a Skies of Arcadia HD remake or Shining Force IV I will strip naked and Tattoo the Sega logo over my whole body.

Somebody pinch me, are we actually seeing the return of the Sega of old? Are they actually making great games again? This can't be real...

Sly-Lupin1118d ago


Also: kinda pissed the 3 extra scenarios aren't gonna be DLC.

ninjahunter1118d ago

Im glad this series is getting some love, it looked dead for the longest time.