Strategy Informer Review: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

S.I reports:

''I'm an unrepentant adventure gaming fan, particularly the episodic games coming out of TellTale games, which started with the Sam and Max franchise two years ago. This summer TellTale has teamed up with another great line up of personalities to offer Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Season one Episode 1. (I am so referring to this as SBCGAP because it's just too much of a mouthful!) Much like Sam and Max this season will consist of five episodes, which can be downloaded from TellTale about once a month or available all together at the end of the season for a bit of a price break.

If you are unfamiliar with the character of Strong Bad and his various wacky companions it's worth it to take a refresher course before playing SBCGAP. The game is based on interactions between the characters and you'll miss a lot of the humor and the driving force of the storyline if you don't know who they are as there isn't a lot of ingame explanation.''

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