PS4 corrupt data fix for error CE-34878-0

There’s nothing worse than installing a PS4 disc and discovering that your game just won’t work.

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Livecustoms1097d ago


Spoonsx1097d ago

*PC Master Race* There I fixed that for you.

ab5olut10n1097d ago

Had this with fallout4, lost all my saves after 4 days of play.

KwietStorm1097d ago

You don't upload or at least backup your saves?

darkshad01096d ago

Was wondering the same, someone correct me but I thought even if you don't have ps+ you get at least some cloud ? I don't know as I've had ps+ from the get go and it was a life saver. Especially after my ps4 got stolen with all my games. Had to re-buy everything and it took me minutes to restore all my savedata.

ab5olut10n1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

With the other problems I had (scrapping items yielded no materials, getting kicked out of the build menu, unable to open pip boy, enemies warping across the screen, stuck in vault elevator, stuck in 1st person, etc) I didn't want to use my uploaded saves again either. Deleted install data and cloud saves, rebuilt database, reinstalled game, rebuilt database, no problems past 5 days.

edit: sometimes it's better to just start from scratch

Immorals1097d ago

Think I'd have a heart attack if my fallout data got corrupted.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1096d ago

Back them up on USB if you don't have ps plus. If you do have it, then back saves up on BOTH. Sucks that we have to do this out of fear, but this is the way games are now: buggy, incomplete and in need of patches even months after release.

b3l0kk1097d ago

this is still a rapid issue.. Sony still has not fixed.. this should be on there to do list as top priority

Dee_Blessed1096d ago

Yea they definitely should get on it

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