ReInstall: Split/Second (Velocity) [PC Gaming Enthusiast]

PC Gaming Enthusiast:

"Disney’s SplitSecond was developed by Black Rock Studio back in 2010. This over-the-top action racer is the youngest game that we’ve featured so far, coming in with an age of only 5 years. While it’s still a fairly recent title, it’s still a half-decade old. So then, how does its madness hold up today? Let’s find out!"

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AGVulture891095d ago

One of the most underrated games of the last generation. It came out on the same day as Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption. I picked up all three. Split/Second was and still is a gem.

1095d ago
Roccetarius1095d ago

It's unfortunate that a sequel never got released. The game definitely had potential, but i guess it just wasn't popular enough for Disney.

Skate-AK1095d ago

This game was super fun. I bought it at launch. I still have the little car that came with the Gamestop preorder.

1095d ago
Magic_Spatula1094d ago

Enjoyed the game when I had it but goddamn that rubber banding.

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