Class of 95 – 20 Years On, Where Are These 11 Gaming Legends Now?

In 1995 a number of iconic game series and heroes emerged for the first time, each adding an essential chapter to gaming’s history. But do they continue to thrive 20 years later.

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SlappingOysters1118d ago

I'm going to go left field here and say Worms as the highlight. Man I had some laughs with that game!!

sarahnade1118d ago

Agreed. Still waiting on a rematch with my older siblings on that one.

shipnabottle1118d ago

Man I poured some hours into Destruction Derby on the PSone, that game was pure fun.

Apocalypse Shadow1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Ah.fond memories..back to reality..

1.EA destroyed them.

2.ubisoft would rather make a billion assassin's creed games,ruined splinter cell and won't allow Michael cancel to make one sequel to beyond good and evil.

3.left the 70's vibe,made boring sequels and drove their game into the ground chasing GTA.

4.EA has the license now and will milk it to death.

5.square forgot what made them famous and the franchises that got them there.went all western with kick back money and sold out.with wada gone there's hope.that stupid dope.

6.kept descending into the abyss to never return.the developers are mia.

7.lost their way like every game needed to be 3d.they should ask the Trine developers on if 2d is still good.

8.heard about it.didn't play it.

9.lost their way like Sega with virtual cop.fps games became standard.may return for vr.I hope.

10.made a god.left the team.became a loudmouth on video and now making something we'll forget like calling all cars.but hey,he's happy.

11.still around.wolf team isn't.

Ah.the memories...

WoshJills1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

What are you talking about? Rayman Legends is awesome and has a 90+ metacritic score in nearly every single platform it's published on.

Twisted Metal is still awesome.

Command and Conquer is still awesome.

And Time Crisis is in nearly every movie theatre arcade.

N4g_null1118d ago

Respect goes to you man. The new gamers have no idea what they missed out on. Oh and the chrono guys are still kicking they just make huge mech games now... one is coming out around December, can you guess which one?

s45gr321118d ago

Well these are memorable franchises but now lets focus on new ips.

ChickeyCantor1118d ago

For anyone interested checkout openRa. It's a free Red alert game with online capabilities.

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