'Star Wars Battlefront' Review: Like A Storm Trooper, DICE Misses The Mark | Forbes

Forbes: Between our collective nostalgia for past Star Wars Battlefront entries, the industry’s increasingly split opinions over multiplayer-only packages, and a passionate, multi-generational Star Wars fanbase, this latest entry in the Battlefront series was destined to be divisive from its inception. The developers at EA DICE were shouldering the burden of impossibly high expectations since the title’s announcement in 2013. Fortunately, reviews aren’t crafted from sympathy and allegiance to a franchise. That’s why, as a Star Wars fan myself, this review was incredibly difficult to write.

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venom061125d ago

ABSOLUTE bullsh*t score... The game deserves atleast an 8/10.. this is why reviewers are pretty much garbage these days. Too much fanboy-ism, too much publisher haterism, too much hive-mind thinking...

Scottyxboxoneandps41125d ago

Totally agree, game deserves much more than this. I think older players who watched the films around the time the films released will probably get more from this than the kiddies that seem to be reviewing it. It's a ton of fun!! Should be getting my copy through the door today. Can't wait!!

nX1125d ago

I'd say the game deserves an 8 with minus points for vehicle pickup tokens, no campaign and not enough content in general. It's a pretty fun game but which unfortunately doesn't justify it's price point.

SpinalRemains1381125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Definitely an 8.

You're spot on with your age assessment too. When I first played this game, I was instantly flooded with the feelings from the original films. The magic is there.

The game gives me more a feel for the Star Wars universe than the previous 3 movies do. That's the truth.

No this game is not like either Battlefront game prior, but it definitely stands up.

I wish more people would try it before hating on it.

s45gr321125d ago

For a 🎮 with no voice chat (extremely necessary for online gaming and the downfall of resident evil online circa ps2). No space battles despite the fact that Star Wars is centered around space battles. No conquest mode, no single player campaign,etc. This game should of cost $20.00 tops or should of being free to play. Better yet early access for that's what this game is an early access title.

EverydayJoe1125d ago

I absolutely love the fact that it doesn't have voice chat. It's the chat that ruins the multiplayer experience for me more often than not. Mute works but what's the point if you have to Mute all but 3 players.

SpinalRemains1381125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )


Its not like we can make a party and talk throughout the match with our friends.

Its much better to hear everyone talking. Lol.

Just stop. Create a party with your friends and talk to them that way. Why the need to hear everyone anyway?

You don't have to mute anyone when you're only speaking to your party. That's the whole point. Dice set the game up properly and you're agreeing with it, but angry with them because you're not using it the way they intended.

Muadiib1125d ago

Speaking of too much fanboy-ism... I don't think you capable of being objective.

miyamoto1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Most of these low scores are sour grape scores to downplay the impending domination of Star Wars on PS4.

The demo was fun and we can't put it down.

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s45gr321125d ago

Great review, I hope this game bombs financially for it represents everything wrong with modern gaming. A online game with no voice chat. A franchise known for its space battles and the game lacks say space battles. Less content that "Star Wars Battlefront 2". EA has the audacity to charge $60.00 for it and offer a $50.00 season pass bleh. Really come on, anyone that defends this game is just a corporate slave.

EverydayJoe1125d ago

"Really come on, anyone that defends this game is just a corporate slave."

Not defending the lack of content or anything else, but I am having a lot of fun with the game. I don't think that makes me a corporate slave it just makes me a gamer that isn't on hate patrol constantly. I play games for fun, and this game is indeed fun. Partly due to the fact that it doesn't have voice chat.

s45gr321125d ago

Not hate patrol but this game is just another fps with star wars theme and it has less content than its predecessor. I still remember the previous game playing as a rebel battling against imperials on the ground, jumping onto a xwing piloting say xwing taking the battle to the skies and then moving say battle to space. That's what missing in this newer version. Plus the ability to control (vehicle controls) At At, or speeder bikes...... Now if this game was $20.00 that would be fine.

Eyesoftheraven1125d ago

I'm a very serious gamer with a lot of money invested in tech. Not a huge fan of star wars. Already have 20 hours logged in BF PC. Having a blast, runs great, looks great. First time I've ever bought into a season pass full price off the bat. I trust that part will pay off with lots of new content. And DICE is very good about supporting their software years after release.

FoxyGotGame1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I disagree with the review...yes it's not bulging with content, but SWB is the most fun I've had online in ages! those visuals on PS4 are incredible and the 60fps buttery smooth /

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