Microsoft announces 60GB Xbox 360 for 15th August in UK

Microsoft today announced that the 60GB Xbox 360 console will go on sale in the UK on 15th August, 2008 for ÂL199.99 ERP.

Available in stores across the UK from 15th August at no extra cost, the new 60GB Xbox 360 enhances your capacity for fun by giving you three times more room to download the things you love. Whether itâ€s blockbuster movies, music or games, Xbox 360 offers it all through its online entertainment network â€" Xbox LIVE. Pioneering the digital revolution in your living room, Xbox LIVE is the Worldâ€s largest entertainment provider of High Definition experiences with over 12 million members, and a new member joining every five seconds.

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elitewh0re3782d ago

hot damn that's great news....

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Gam713781d ago

Take it elsewhere fellas.

This is a gaming site not the un.

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Mr PS33781d ago

For that heap of junk
And don't forget to add another £50 for the privledge to play online(and for those who dont know its completly FREE on the PS3)
And considering it will RRoD on you an hour after you plug it in
It aint worth it

Now that Bundle For the 80g PS3 with MGS4 and a Duelshock for £299
Is by far Better Value
Oh and dont forget it wont Blow up on you and You Dont have to Pay to play online

Perjoss3781d ago

"and for those who dont know its completly FREE on the PS3"

and also completly crap. You get what you pay for these days, and anyway, if you cant afford 40 pounds a year for your gaming then you should really rethink your life.

Gam713781d ago

And the ps3 fails once again hi-jack a 360 thread.

Sign of insecurity.

na2ru13781d ago

XBL is a lot more social(loud) yes. what else for £40 a year?

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Tommie3781d ago

For the rest of Europe too, at €269,99 also August 15!

Gam713781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Every where I've seen it advertised including (which are usually a bit more expensive for HW in my opinion) have it at £179. Same as the wii and over £100 ($200) cheaper than the ps3.

aaquib53781d ago

This is my jam


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The story is too old to be commented.